Beekeeping with Children and Schools

This video was broadcast on 15th January 2016

Welcome to our latest Bee Craft Hangout on Beekeeping with Schools. For other Bee Craft Hangouts visit out dedicated page where we cover plenty of different topics from bee health to honey to apairy management.

Some of the Beekeeping with Children questions we faced during the Hangout to give you a taste of what went on. It was a great Beekeeping discussion with some great guests including:

Sarah Red Laird who runs the “Kids in Beekeeping” programme in the US for the American Beekeeping Federation

Yvonne Kilvington from Huddersfield Beekeepers Association and keen beekeeper with a Forest School

Mark Patterson, Forage Officer from the London Beekeepers Association

Sara Ward, owner of Hen’s Corner who runs beekeeping courses for families and schools

There were many questions put forward through the conversation that included:

1. How do you set up an Apiary in a school?

2. Is there a beekeeping teaching syllabus here in the UK or in the US?

3. Kids and beekeeping; is it safe?

4. What do you do when a child gets stung?

5. How do you structure beekeeping lessons for your children?

6. Beekeeping insurance and schools; what are the implications?

7. How do encourage children to start beekeeping

Extra Links mentioned in our video: 

The Cleapss support PDF for Schools and Colleges interested in keeping bees

Bees for kids BBKA page

Our Beekeeping Website for children – Beekids

Beekids Facebook page

Beekids USA Facebook page

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