Bee Craft has a wide range of its popular beekeeping booklets now available in digital format. This is a PDF version of the booklet that can be downloaded and viewed on a device of your choice.

How to Purchase one of our Digital Booklets

You can purchase a digital booklet directly from our website - Simply add the digital booklet/s that you wish to purchase to your basket and complete the payment process as directed.

Any digital booklets purchased via the Bee Craft website will be emailed to the email address provided with the order. If you have made a purchase and have not yet received your digital booklets then we strongly recommend that you check your spam/junk folder as emails Bee Craft send can occasionally end up here.

Please note that you do NOT need to have, nor create, a Bee Craft account to purchase any of our online booklets.

If you have a Bee Craft account already and wish for your digital booklet to be sync with your Bee Craft account so that it appears under the 'Digital Downloads' section for future reference then please log into your Bee Craft account at the checkout, or enter your subscriber number when prompted (you are only prompted for your subscriber number if you choose to checkout without logging in or creating an account).

If you have any further questions then please check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact our Subscriptions Manager directly - [email protected].

If you are looking for help with our digital subscriptions then please check out our digital subscriptions FAQs here.

Digital Downloads FAQs

No, you do not need to have or create a Bee Craft online account to purchase any digital booklets. All digital booklets are emailed to the email address provided with your order.

All digital downloads are emailed to the email address provided with the order. If you have placed your order and have not recieved an email containing your digital booklets then please check your spam/junk folder - occassionally our emails end up in customer's spam/junk folders.

If you have checked your spam/junk folders and cannot find any emails from Bee Craft then please email our administrator direct with your name, email address and order details. The email address to use is [email protected].

If you have successfully purchased a digital download from Bee Craft and already have an online Bee Craft account then your digital booklet/s should appear under the 'Digital Downloads' section.

If they are not here then its usually because the name, address, and/or email address given at the checkout when you purchased your digital booklet, did not match the details we hold for your previous purchase or Bee Craft subscripion. Therefore our system has treated your latest digital booklet purchase as a new customer and given it a new record, this means that your digital booklet/s will be found under his second record.

Should this happen then please contact our administrator directly, the email address to use is [email protected].

All of our digital booklets are embossed with your details due to copyright. If you have further questions on this then please contact Bee Craft directly.

Bee Craft Digital Booklets are available for download in PDF format. Therefore you can read the digital booklets on any device that allows you to read a PDF on, these include computers, tablets and phones.

Whilst most devices do allow for PDFs, If your device does not allow you to read PDFs on it at the moment then most will allow it once you have downloaded a PDF viewer on your device. You will need to contact your tech advisor or local computer expert for assistance with this.

Bee Craft Digital Booklets are in PDF format, therefore if your computer allows you to print PDFs then you can do so.

If you need help printing PDFs then we recommend you speak to your tech person or local computer expert.

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