The 15th December is the last date to order a new gift subscription in time for Christmas delivery or to renew to ensure you don’t miss any of our forthcoming new look issues. Simply click here and get the job done.  

Our new look issues will have something new and something quirky but we are keeping your favourite topics too.  Changes are to be expected with the advent of our deputy editors taking up the reins now they are the fully fledged co-editors!

Have you had a look at our range of DIY/“How to” booklets available as digital downloads

Maybe you fancy making a Solar Wax Extractor, your own 5 Frame Nuc or one of the other projects. You can source what you need ready to start making in the New Year to stave off the winter withdrawal symptoms of not being with your bees.

We have been working on achieving a better viewing experience when you read BeeCraft magazine on a small screen - find the details here

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