On a positive note during the current situation, as beekeepers who enjoy our hobby in our garden or in a field, we are less restricted than many.  We can continue to do this while not mixing with other people. 

In case you are not already aware, the Welsh Convention and BBKA Convention have both been cancelled due to Coronavirus.  Difficult but sensible decisions in the circumstances. 

But if you do become restricted and have to self isolate it’s an ideal opportunity to progress your beekeeping knowledge.  No matter how long you have been keeping bees, or if you’re just starting out and your course has been postponed, we have something for you.  

On our website we have DIY projects on a variety of topics - downloadable in an instant; quality beekeeping books to help with studying for the BBKA modules or just to learn more; and, of course, our magazine with subscriptions available in hard copy or digital.  

Often the beekeeping season gets ahead of us and we seem to be playing catch up throughout the year - maybe this is an opportunity to get ahead while other activities have to be put on hold. 

Most important of all is to remain safe and well, and to stay in touch. 

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