Bee Craft Timely Reminder - 8th April 2020

The weather has been very variable in temperature ranging from 22° registered at one sheltered apiary, to 10° on subsequent days.  If you have had rain do check the pots and trays in your garden.  Those that have filled with water will require some large stones in them so your bees can drink but not drown! 

There is plenty to occupy the practical among us. Of course, you have new frames to assemble and foundation to insert as a normal occupation at this time of year.  Have you downloaded any of our booklets?  How are you getting on with your chosen project/s?  Do you have any of your own that you would like to share? Or simple tips to make life easier? I’d love to hear about them and pass them on. 

Those of us fortunate enough to have gardens are all, I’m sure, enjoying being able to take our time getting them straight after winter. Our Bee Plants of the Month is an excellent publication and the new monthly series in the magazine gives some great planting ideas. 

Now is the time to lose yourself in those books you have promised yourself you’ll read when you have the time.  An hour or so a day studying for the next examination level or simply reading for pleasure is relaxing.  It will keep you in touch with your bees and give you more insight into whatever aspect interests you most.  BeeCraft magazine gives you a greater variety than a single book and we now have a quiz each month to stretch your mind - or your internet research! 

Are you filing away your copies of BeeCraft in one of our binders?  A complete year of BeeCraft magazines in one place that can so easily be accessed and that elusive article found with little difficulty. December’s issues always contain a really helpful index for the year - by topic and by author.

On a light note, one of my friends has now recovered from her initial bout of CCCD - compulsive cupboard cleaning disorder and is now looking for her next project!  There’s a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure in getting all those tedious jobs done!!

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