Now is a crucial time for your bees as there is still very little forage around. Do heft your hives and keep a check on the weight.  The bees were not happy when I approached one of my hives a couple of days ago which meant one or possibly two things. They were hungry or queen less or both.  The colony was quite light and with a relatively warm day today when returning to feed them a quick look at a middle frame discovered sealed brood, larvae and eggs.  So they were quickly fed and closed up!

On another happy note - they have arrived!  Our stock of the 3rd edition of Honey Bee Inside Out has been delivered so your online order will be despatched as soon as possible after BeeTradex this coming Saturday. 

Naturally everyone is concerned about coronavirus but the current plan for BeeTradex remais the same with the author, Celia Davis, signing copies on the BeeCraft stand at 12.00, so come along and buy your copy there.

I realise that not all of you are within striking distance but if you are a new beekeeper it really is a great opportunity to see all the various items of equipment that are available from a collection of traders. Lots of things you might never need until you become a bee farmer but good to see and have in the back of your mind!  But there will be many more items you will definitely need for your new, or established, hobby. 

We’re looking forward to showing off so do come along to our stand! It’s a great opportunity to meet us and subscribe to BeeCraft if you don’t already but for those of you not attending, you can always subscribe online.

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