As promised a couple of weeks ago, here is a checklist of what you’ll need in your apiary kit:

  • Smoker – cleaned to ensure no problems lighting
  • Shavings and paper for your smoker
  • Disposable shower caps – a new one to put over the bellows of your smoker in each apiary to keep them clean and prevent potential transfer of disease
  • Matches – a new box – your old ones are possibly damp – not worth the risk and frustration of non-lighting matches
  • Hive tool – nicely cleaned and sterilised
  • Queen cage and/or clip - for holding and/or marking
  • Queen marking pen
  • Tea tree oil – to treat stings by covering the smell of pheremone and reduce the itching and swelling
  • Empty bags for rubbish/brace comb so nothing is left in the apiary
  • Extra record cards for your Apiary Guide, or the Multipack itself if you haven’t already got one to keep records and for guidance if in doubt.
  • Pen or pencil (plus notebook if you don't use our record cards)

And don’t forget your epipen, on your person, if you are prescribed one– don’t leave it in your car!  If you have a spare one, maybe you could leave it in your jacket/suit pocket?

Lastly, a topic for discussion – should you clip your queens? I know there are some very strong views on this from both sides but if you do clip, a sharp pair of scissors. Should be added to the list above. Anything we’ve missed? Let us know!!

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