Another week and I would guess that extraction time is very close now unless your bees are on the heather.

So how do you deal with your extracted supers? 

Do you leave them wet?   If so, when you are storing them in a stack do make sure you place a sheet of newspaper between each of the supers.  This will ensure that if you do have any wax month eggs in one of them, over the winter the paper will prevent the moth from contaminating all your supers.

Do you put them back onto the colony above the crown board for the bees to clean them out?  My understanding is that if they are above the crown board the bees treat them as being ‘outside of the hive’ and take the remaining honey down into the hive and store it.  The clean supers can then be stored, effectively ‘dry’, although the sheet of newspaper comment above is still relevant.

Wax moth are quite the intrepid excavators.  When cleaning out a polystyrene box this spring I discovered that several larvae had tunnelled their way into the polystyrene and, once removed, each left a hole roughly  2cm long.

Don’t forget that our website contains a very comprehensive glossary where you can discover the meaning of a great number of beekeeping terms - an ideal resource particularly for new beekeepers.

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