Suffering the January blues?  Just wrap up warm, go to your apiary and tell your bees all about the trials, tribulations or enjoyments you have had!  Heft the hives, watch the entrances and don’t forget to listen. Put your ear to the side of the hive and you should hear a gentle, low buzz.  If it’s quiet, gently tap on the side of the hive which will stimulate a louder noise from the colony inside.  Such a relaxing and cheering thing to do.

So how’s the weather with you?  Cold?  If so, this is the time to get your bees treated with oxalic acid if that’s your method of varroa treatment over the winter.  To vape or not? This was the question asked in our December 2017 edition and the topic of our January Bee Craft Live on Wednesday, 23rd January at 8.00pm.    Photo: Richard Rickitt

Snowy? Now is the time to rest a cover across the entrance (not block it).  Snow creates a bright light making the bees think that good weather is here and encouraging them out.  Sadly, this can cause them to come out and die, but sheltering the entrance from this brightness will help protect them.

Wet? Take a look at a recent post on our Facebook page(BeeCraftMagazine) at the nuc that was rescued from flooding just in the nick of time.

Are you studying for your Module 8 exam?  If so, take a look at some of our publications. "Essays in Beekeeping History" by Karl Showler, contains a wealth of information for the History section.  "Healthy Bees are Happy Bees" by Pam Gregory and maybe our booklet "How to make a Foundation Press and Wiring Board" which is a new topic in this Module.

Are you confused about the BBKA examinations?  Take a look at our Infographic which explains the structure in a flow chart format.

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