Another week of awful weather so little opportunity of doing much outdoors.

Oh well, time to go over your plan for the coming year?
How many colonies are you aiming to build up/reduce to?
If you plan to reduce the number of your colonies by selling on you will need to ensure they are in good, healthy condition and that you are very clear on price, exactly what equipment your sale includes and collection arrangements. 
If increasing there are a number of options so how are you intending to go about it?
Buying in nucs, colonies, packets, queens?  From where, or who, are you going to purchase? Do you need to reserve with the supplier? 
Or will you wait until you can make walk away splits from your own colonies with your bees raising their own queens? Or for when you take swarm control measures? Will you prefer to buy in queens at that time?
Much to think about so write it down. and don’t forget any extra equipment you might need for your intended expansion. The first trade show is BeeTradex on 14 March so start your checklist now so you don’t forget anything. 


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