Thinking ahead, extraction time will be here before you know it. If you don’t have your own, don't forget to book use of the extractor from your local association.  If you will have cut comb to deal with, don't forget you will need to pop it in the freezer for 24 hours, or to store,  so do you have a freezer ready to do this? 

It’s also a good time to get your thoughts together for your local conditions now that August is in our sights.

Are you taking your colonies to the Heather? Do you have lots of late flowering plants such as ivy? If so your actions/preparations will be different.

Next week we’ll cover some tips for trips to the heather.

In the meantime, plan ahead for overwintering your colonies and ensure you have sufficient equipment to carry it out. This will include any varroa treatment that is necessary - don’t over treat, so assess each colony for their needs.

During your inspections identify and make a record of any weak colonies you think you may need to combine with stronger colonies. This will make your winter preparations and plans easier.

There will be more pointers as time progresses!

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