Asian hornet week has passed with thankfully few sightings. This doesn’t mean, of course, there are none around- just that they may not have been spotted.  Vigilance is key as my understanding is that these are likely to be queens which will overwinter and produce many more next year.

As the leaves start to fall we must also keep watch for nests in the bare branches of trees.

So how are your end of season cleaning and storage plans progressing?  As the last trade show of the year approaches in Sandown Park, the National Honey Show will be the last opportunity to collect equipment that you might need before the Spring trade shows.

Bee jackets and suits - minus the veils - can be washed in your washing machine.  Be sure to use washing soda which will dissolve any propolis.  Whatever you do, don’t leave them hanging in a shed or you run the risk of discovering them with mildew later on.   The veils are probably best washed in the shower.

Give your veil a close inspection.  Any rips or tears which would let a bee in?  Need a new smoker? Did you manage to keep hold of your hive tool or is it somewhere in the grass in your apiary?

Do you plan to treat with oxalic acid in the cold? How do you intend to administer it?  Read the article in our December 2017 edition discussing whether to Vape - or Not?

Then sort out if there’s any other equipment you will need.  Do get your list together - it’s easy to forget the little things.

Not going to the National Honey Show?  Never mind - you’ve started your Christmas list which then needs you to only add your subscription to Bee Craft for a real beekeeper celebration in December! 

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