Well, it’s time for my last missive of the year and before the festivities begin in earnest.

Your next Timely Reminder will be in the New Year – January 9th. However, if in the meantime you are wondering what some beekeeping terms mean, or you want to compile a quick beekeeping quiz, take a look at the comprehensive glossary on our website.

There is a tradition in beekeeping that you visit your colonies on Boxing Day and give your bees some fondant. I think that was before global warming began, as our bees certainly don’t need to have their stores supplemented – and judging by their weight will not need any more for the rest of the winter. I’m sure you know what the situation is with your bees but we all need to continue to heft as time goes by.

And take comfort in the fact that Spring will be here before you know it. In some sheltered places daffodils are well above ground and are almost ready to flower, with buds ready for opening.

So enjoy your festivities with family, friends or on your own – whatever suits you best. Take at least a bit of time for yourself and curl up in the warm with your favourite book. Relax in the knowledge that you probably have a few weeks before your queens are thinking of starting to lay – and the season begins again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours from us all.

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