On a quick visit to one of our apiaries we found two colonies still remarkably heavy, but one on the light side - so my reminder this week is to check all your colonies and feed if necessary.

The warmer the weather, the more food your bees will consume from their winter stores.  If you need to feed, at this time of year it should be with fondant, and probably some pollen.

All you need to do is to put a slit in a bag of fondant, and place this with the slit on top of the hole in your inner hive cover so that the bees in the box below can get to the fondant.  You will need to place an empty hive box, probably a super, on top of this to accommodate the bag of fondant (called an eke), with the roof on top.  While this sounds a lot of food you will be amazed at the amount of fondant your colony will consume.

BeeTradex is in a couple of weeks so if you feel there is time to wait until then to collect some supplies, that's fine.  But if in any doubt,order online as your bees can’t wait for you to save the postage!  Checkout the February and March editions of Bee Craft for the discounts that you may be able to get with one of our suppliers.C Wynne Jones are the supplier supporting our centenary throughout March.

Are you at the start of learning about your beekeeping?  Maybe on a course - or not yet.   We know how expensive it is so have reduced the price of this excellent book to help out. Take a look on our website at “Starting Out With Bees” by John Williams. Ideal for beginners.

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