Oops! Despite checking the Timely Reminders each week I noticed one referral last week to ‘wax month’ but I’m sure you know what I meant!

Claire Waring has written an article in our September issue on honey extraction so take a look there for more detailed information.  Not yet a subscriber? Don’t miss out - do it today! Can you afford not to?

But in the meantime in brief, my kit for uncapping comprises a large shallow lipped metal cooking tray wide enough to take a Langstroth frame, uncapping forks, lots of honey buckets, lids, at least two double strainers and cotton covers, plus spare honey buckets and large single sieves (to drain your cappings).

By putting the cappings into the sieve you will be amazed how much honey will be in the bucket underneath the next day. The cappings will also be fairly dry and can be stored and melted into very clean blocks easily at a later date.  Alternatively you can buy bags for cappings which you can spin in the extractor.

The one thing you might wonder about are the cotton covers. These simply have a hole in the middle and sit on top of the double strainers over the honey buckets under the extractor. The honey runs through the hole in the middle while the rest of the double filter and bucket are covered to prevent anything from falling into the honey while it drains. 

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