I hate to remind you, but Christmas is going to be here before we know it.  No doubt you are compiling various lists for gifts to give, gifts to request and preparations to be made.  So I am starting this week with some hopefully, helpful suggestions.  

To celebrate 100 years of Bee Craft’s success we have had special binders produced which are embossed with our centenary logo and will hold all 12 of our monthly issues for 2019.  
These can be bought online but as there will be a limited number produced, don’t miss the chance to get yours now, particularly if your subscription will come up for renewal part way through 2019.
Not yet a subscriber?  Don’t miss the chance to ask for a gift subscription to Bee Craft, sent with a Christmas message.  
Know a beekeeper that would like a subscription?  Why not go online and get one gift purchase done!

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