As soon as you can after the heavy rain, check your wooden stands to make sure they aren't rotting.  Any that look or feel unstable, make plans to rectify and/or replace over the winter.  

Why not also invest in a few bricks or concrete blocks to put under the stand legs to protect them from moisture in the ground?  A spirit level comes in handy to confirm they are level before placing your hives. 

This is also an opportunity to move your colonies to a different location, either within or to another apiary. Maybe you’ve discovered the ground is just too soggy where they are located, or access for your vehicle is difficult in the wet.  A few years ago I remember seeing a beekeeper in a boat rescuing colonies from flooding - it can happen. 

Although you don’t need to visit frequently for the next few months, it can rain continuously in the summer and make life very difficult for regular inspections. 

So do assess and address these issues while the hives are lighter and easier to move. 

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