Do check out the article in the March issue about AFB.  If you don’t have your printed copy with you can read it easily through your personal account on our website or on your mobile phone/tablet etc.  Just make sure you know your access details which are sent to you every month in our newsletter. 

Another excellent option would be to purchase one of our Apiary Guide Multipacks.  As well as containing excellent photographs of AFB, EFB, Small Hive Beetle, Tropilaelaps and other minor brood diseases, these contain colony record cards, integrated pest management information, colony make-up together with swarming & swarm control measures. The folder and cards are all in a laminated form making them an ideal companion to take into your apiary as they can be wiped clean of honey or propolis. Probably the best easy reference manual you will find. 

As soon as the weather is warm enough for a full inspection your main consideration should be to thoroughly inspect for disease. If you do have a problem, the sooner you know and take action, the better for you and your other colonies. This is where hygiene is imperative. 

If in doubt ask your mentor or a member of your beekeeping group for help and advice. Alternatively you can contact your local bee inspector straight away to come and check with you. Contact details for your local inspector can be found on Beebase. They are very well trained and you can discuss such a lot with them making it a great learning experience.  Don’t be worried about asking them. The inspectors are very friendly and are there to help and advise, not criticise. 

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