If you’re in the North of England or Scotland your situation may well be totally different from here in the South West - please drop me an email with anything that is important for beekeepers in your area and I will include in next week’s Reminder.

The weather here in the South West of England has certainly warmed up, but not yet enough for our bees to leave their cosy home where they mostly still have plenty of stores.

I was chatting to another beekeeper this week who said the same about one of his colonies, but the other was furiously active. The active colony had been a split from the quiet one last year. Our conclusion was that the difference was due to the influence of the drones with whom (or with which?) the virgin queen mated. This, it seemed, had made a huge impact on the traits of the new queen’s workers.

Keep your eyes open this year and see the different traits in each of your colonies. Are they busy foragers or more lethargic; good honey producers; good at finding pollen sources; good housekeepers; heavy propolisers; over populated with drones later in the year?

You may notice the traits in the same colony change through the year. Nothing scientific, just of interest, but this observation will help you decide which colonies you want to increase from and which you definitely don’t!

Don’t forget our webinar this evening at 8.00pm on “Showing Honey” for some tips on how to prepare your honey for those important local or national events. It’s never too early to get prepared! Watch the webinar and email any queries through the “BeeCraft Live” link on our website.

Until next week -

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