Aside from preparations for our beekeeping, now is a crucial time of year to be prepared for the possible sightings of/arrival of Asian hornet queens.

Until now the queens have been hibernating and if they can be caught it will prevent the production of the primary nests and their subsequent development into the colonies that will predate on our beehives.

This was covered in our webinar last week on Spring Build Up when our French colleague, Kevin, showed us the trap they are currently using in France specifically to catch the Asian hornet queens while allowing other species to exit.

He has placed several around the edge of this property.The ‘recipe’ for the bait is also given as the diet of the Asian hornet varies at different times of year.

If you don’t have time to watch the full webinar, Kevin shows and describes the trap from around 41 minutes. If you’re not familiar with accessing our webinars simply go to our website, and click on the BeeCraft Live link to watch it.

Placing these traps in areas where there have been sightings in the U.K. over the past couple of years would seem to be a very worthwhile thing to do.

Additionally we have put up a video on our YouTube Channel that has been produced by Chris Coulson, one of the regional AHAT organisers, explaining the design of traps for use later on in the year in our apiaries.

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