Well, the beekeeping season is drawing to a close for many of us who don’t have any bees at the heather.

Once you have removed the excess honey from your colonies it’s time for a close inspection to determine the health of your bees and varroa levels. Treat only if necessary and ensure you make a note on your BeeCraft calendar when any varroa treatment needs to be removed. Follow the manufacturers instructions on this.

While inspecting make a note of the content of the brood box/es in relation to brood, pollen and stores. Now is the time to unite any small colonies with a larger one for the strength to go through the winter.

If you have removed all the supers and left the bees with just the content of the brood box/es they may need to be fed to boost their supplies for the winter - but weigh up whether there is still forage for them.

If you have Himalayan balsam or ivy in the vicinity then feeding may not be required. The September issue has an excellent article researched by Richard Rickitt on the views of himalayan balsam. Well worth a read.

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