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Not yet a subscriber? There’s still time to sign up for one through our website, and to keep your year's subscription neat and pristine, we have some lovely centenary binders which easily take 12 editions.

Watch out for the forecasted snow which is warned to cover, it seems, the majority of Scotland, England and Wales. Definitely the time for indoor beekeeping preparations and study so if you’re new to our Timely Reminders here’s a repeat of our earlier reminder of relevant BeeCraft publications for those of you studying for your Module 8 beekeeping exam.

"Essays in Beekeeping History" by Karl Showler, contains a wealth of information for the History section. "Healthy Bees are Happy Bees" by Pam Gregory, the title of which speaks for itself and also our booklet "How to Make a Foundation Press and Wiring Board" in hard copy or downloadable pdf.

It’s also an opportunity to start collecting all your beekeeping kit together. As well as your jacket and/or suit, do you have a container/box/bag for the items you want to take your apiary every time? For new beekeepers or just as a tick list, what you need and why will be in next week’s Timely Reminder.

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