There was a confirmed sighting of an Asian hornet yesterday in Cornwall, near Fowey, which was found in a beekeeper’s trap.

So it is even more important to take part in next week’s Asian Hornet week from 10th – 16th September.

This is our last chance to prevent the emergence of new queens which will overwinter and create new nests in the spring.

So please spend some one-hour sessions in your apiaries, just looking for Asian hornets and enlist all other beekeepers you know to do the same.

Check the National Bee Unit’s wealth of information on this pest and how to report a sighting, and remember, you need a photograph that you have taken, or an actual Asian hornet for the authorities to confirm and take speedy action. Simply saying you thought you saw one is not enough.

Want to learn more about how to protect your colonies and what to do if you see one?

Join our Asian hornet webinar on Thursday, 13th September at 8.00pm UK time, when we will have guests from AHAT, France and a UK beekeeper recently returned from helping in Jersey.  Join us, ask questions and watch through Bee Craft Live

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