Specifically for those further in the North, our Scottish Representative, Graham Torrie, makes the observation that although daytime temperatures may be on the up, nights are still dropping below freezing. 

At least that’s the situation in rural Aberdeenshire where Graham lives, and this will be pretty much the same for most of Scotland at the moment.  

These are the perfect conditions for dampness and mould to build up on crown boards and the underside of hive roofs.  Make sure you check them regularly.  If there’s any sign of dampness, replace either or both. 

Graham puts damp boards and roofs in his greenhouse to dry naturally for a few days, then drives out any remaining moisture with a careful blast from a blowtorch.  A light rub with some sandpaper removes any vestiges of mould leaving them as good as new.

Obviously the blowtorch is only for use with wooden hives!"

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