Happy New Year to you all and we hope you had a wonderful festive season in whatever way suited you.

All our subscribers will have received the first issue of our new-look magazine which we were really excited about.  The new way of viewing our digital version on small screens, see link below, has been well received so give it a try if you haven’t already.

A few days before Christmas I spotted the first catkins - only a few - and some flowering daffodils, both in sheltered places. My appearance in the garden today to start a major tidy up was greeted by our first snowdrop.

You may have gathered I am in the South West on the coast where we rarely experience extremes of weather other than high winds. We have, of course, had a great deal of rain as have most places around the UK, making weeding so much easier but access to our bees in the orchards has not yet been attempted this year.

Temperatures have remained high and I am wondering whether our queens are already active and it is too late for effective oxalic acid treatment. This will, I am sure, be a different situation elsewhere in the UK.

Are you planning to treat? Dribble or vape? If you are still in doubt take a look at the article written by one of our co-editors, Richard, in the December 2017 edition of BeeCraft.

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