Healthy Bees are Happy Bees

Healthy Bees are Happy Bees

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This is the 2nd edition of this Publication
This book is a comprehensive guide to bee health and sickness. It details beekeeping problems, pests, parasites and diseases in depth and offers practical guidance rooted in beekeeping experience about preventing, controlling or curing threats to bee colonies to encourage more sustainable beekeeping practice. 

Environmental considerations, the effects of food, genetics, health and hygiene and the interactions of bees with the weather all combine to bring a new and holistic approach to the topic. This book presents the reader with an in-depth examination of all aspects of bee diseases in a way that has not previously been available in a single book.

About the Author
Pam Gregory took up beekeeping in 1975 after moving to a remote Welsh farm to pursue a self- sufficient lifestyle. She worked at the National Bee Unit (NBU) before going to Aberystwyth University where she gained a BSc in Ecology.

She was a seasonal bee inspector from 1982 and, in 1995, became Regional Bee Inspector for Wales. A master beekeeper, she also held the National Diploma in Beekeeping.

Having become interested in the use of bees for alleviating poverty in developing countries, Pam became Honorary Secretary of the, then, newly formed charity, Bees Abroad, in 1999. She taught beekeeping, honey marketing and business management in both Africa and Asia. She took an MSc in Natural Resource Management in 2003.

Following Pam’s death in 2016, her book has been updated for this second edition to include the latest information on bee health problems and new threats such as the Asian hornet.

Pam is survived by her husband John, seven children and (at the last count), 11 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

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