Practical Microscopy

Practical Microscopy

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A new book containing the basic information you need to explore the fascinating world of honey bee microscopy. It will help you choose the right microscopes, set them up correctly and use them to study bee anatomy, pollen and some pests and diseases.

“An invaluable step-by-step overview of the microscopy tasks candidates may be required to perform or discuss in the British Beekeepers’ Association assessments.”

John Hendrie, BBKA Examinations Board

“Essential reading for any beekeeper exploring the world of microscopy. Clear, concise and practical.”

Celia Davis, BSc NDB

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, 20/10/2017

I have been beekeeping for seven years and am working my way towards the Master Beekeeper qualification. I am acutely in tune with the demands which that goal places on the individual so every piece of help is welcome. Although there are a several microscopy books available, the freshness will make this the one to put on the list of both individual and association libraries. I have certainly enjoyed reading it and will be looking to add it to my library.

I feel that the book is very well laid out and makes for an easy read. The photos and diagrams are clear and to the point. I couldn’t put it down! It is obvious that Bob has a wealth of current knowledge and the ability to present that knowledge in a way that makes it very easy to digest.

I admire the balanced approach to the recommendations of the state of the art equipment and the more cost effective route that many may follow for those alternatives. It is not often that such gems of ideas are shared so freely. The huge amount of easy-to-follow tips makes the book worth the price tag alone.

One observation would be that a photo of a nosema spore alongside that of an amoeba cyst would have taken away the frustration of trying to find out the difference. I say this because a recent disease session at the National Bee Unit also provided little clarity on the subject apart from a general description: a photo would have given something to compare.

I am sure that the teamwork put into this book will ensure the palatable contents will be read by those undertaking beekeeping and microscopy activities for years to come and that many new to microscopy will be encouraged by the guiding words of Bob.

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