Here at Bee Craft we have been listening to your feedback regarding our digital Bee Craft Magazine.

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new version of our digital magazine.

This new version will transform your digital edition of Bee Craft from its standard view into a mobile friendly layout to ensure that you don't miss anything.

No additional downloads are required and no extra software is needed. Simply open your digital editions on your mobiles or tablets and enjoy.

The August 2019 edition, the September 2019 edition, and the latest edition, October 2019, have all been updated to our new mobile friendly view. Ongoing editions will also be published in this mobile friendly view.

How do I view this new digital version of Bee Craft Magazine?

Either head to our website - - or our free Bee Craft app on your chosen device. If you aren't already logged in then use the login details supplied by Bee Craft to login. 

If you view your digital editions of Bee Craft Magazine on your phone, then once you are logged in, you should see our new adapted format of the Bee Craft Magazine automatically.

If you have a larger mobile phone screen, a tablet, or are viewing your digital editions from our website and wish to view your digital editions in our new adaptive mode, then you will need to click on the mobile view button which will appear when you have logged in to view your digital editions.

Mobile View ButtonThe mobile view button looks like a newspaper article as shown here.

You can watch our helpful video on how to switch to your digital view below.


How can I swap back to the print format of Bee Craft Magazine?

Magazine View of Bee CraftIf you wish to swap back to our standard print view of Bee Craft magazine then you can do so by clicking on the icon that looks like an open book.

What are my Bee Craft Magazine login details for the digital magazine?

If you have a subscription to Bee Craft Magazine then your login details would have been emailed to you at the start of your subscription. These login details are also included each month within the Bee Craft newsletter that is emailed to you.

The username is the email address registered to your subscription. The Bee Craft password is is 6 digit number.

If you are unsure on your login details or want a reminder, then feel free to email directly. 

Should you have any questions or feedback regarding your digital Bee Craft Magazine then simply get in touch with our Subscriptions Manager by emailing

Happy Beekeeping! 
From the Bee Craft Magazine Team