Co-editors Stephen Fleming and Richard Rickitt chat about the news and features in the April 2021 issue of BeeCraft.


In February 2021 we co-hosted two research lectures with the Central Association of Bee-Keepers. Our lecturers were Ayla Paul from Reading University and Hamish Symington from Cambridge University who kindly gave us permission to record their talks.

Ayla is completing her PhD thesis looking at the origin and authenticity of UK honey samples and outlines insights into the various methods she's using to develop an ’isoscape’ for the UK. See Ayla's article about her work in the April 2021 issue of BeeCraft.

Hamish is a final-year PhD student in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge. In this talk he explores how pollination works, how much of our food relies on insects, and how his and others’ research aims to make flowers more efficient at being pollinated, thus helping to feed the projected 2050 global population of 10 billion people. BeeCraft looks forward to publishing an article by Hamish about his research.