BBKA Examinations Hangout

Another hangout and this time about the BBKA examinations. A lot of people are afraid of taking exams and some aren’t even aware that you can take them as a beekeeper. Therefore we invited BBKA President John Hendrie and Examinations Board Secretary, Val Francis to talk about it all.

BBKA Examinations

You can see our discussion below and despite James dissapearing a few times, it went well with lots of useful information. This included reference to a few links which are below this video so that you can find what you are looking for:

BBKA Examinations chat

Extra resources that may help: 

Bee Craft Infographic showing the Exam Structure (feel free to put it on your own website)

Bee Craft books – special offer if you buy more than 10 in one go (so talk to all your friends!)

BBKA Link to the Examinations Section – some excellent links here

BBKA book resource link – all the books you could need – well worth using this with the link above to get a discount

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