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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 2nd August 2017

Ensure you have enough of your chosen varroa treatment to treat all your hives as soon as you have taken off the honey supers. If you have your first nucleus, or have been lucky enough to catch a swarm, you can treat as soon as they have built up reasonable stores. A nearly full super of nectar or honey should be enough to get them through an average British winter. Doing this means you will be knocking out about 95% of the mites before the period in which the queen is going to lay eggs for the bees that will go through the winter – you want winter bees that don’t have any varroa caused viruses.

Check the dosage for the treatments too, whereas MAQ’s strips only need to be applied once, two trays of Apiguard are needed per hive as they use thymol oil and MAQ’s strips use formic acid as their active ingredient. There are of course other treatments available, which are details on our Beekeeping Information Centre

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Even though swarm season is officially over, it is possible for colonies to swarm. If you are off on holiday for a couple of weeks, ensure that new colonies, nucleus’ and swarms have enough stores to get them through the period you’ll be away.

If you have more established colonies, you may want to add another super if space is at a premium in the hive.

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