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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – May 4th 2016

Swarmkit2 (800x600)

Get your swarm kit ready

Get your swarm kit ready. Be prepared to go out and pick up a swarm at short notice – have everything you need all together in one box so you can pick it up and go.

You’ll develop your own swarm kit over time, but here’s an idea of contents to get you started:

  • A skep or cardboard box. Tape down the flaps on the box so that bees don’t get trapped and squashed. This needs to be large enough to contain a swarm but light and portable so that you can hold it in one hand while collecting the swarm.
  • A smaller cardboard box for collecting stragglers.
  • A white sheet. Large enough to completely wrap your skep or box for transportation.
  • A small block of wood.
  • A bee brush, goose wing or several large feathers.
  • Secateurs.
  • Protective clothing: – beesuit, gloves, wellingtons.
  • Smoker and fuel or water spray.
  • A nuc box.

How to collect a swarm See Margaret Cowley’s video

Talk to other beekeepers about swarms they have collected and the situations they have encountered.

Always assess the situation first. Do not be tempted to try to collect a swarm if it is not safely accessible.

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