Bee festival in Prague

If you have an interesting bee-related film to share, now is your chance to shine.

Hurry! The deadline for entries is April 15.

Maja Bee Fest (640x362)

The MAJA International Bee Film Festival is organized by Czech beekeepers in Prague. It’s now time to send your bee film for inclusion in the festival. The deadline is April 15. Don’t worry that your film is not professional enough. MAJA bee festival wants to feature films of beekeeping interest whether they are made by professional filmmakers or amateurs. Each work, filmed with love and interesting ideas, is welcome.

MAJA bee festival offers two categories: The Best Bee Film and the Best Bee Film for children. For more details visit The festival will be held on September 24 – 25, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. September 24 is the screening day. On September 25 there will be a beekeeping trip. You are warmly welcome.

The festival is organised by a non-profit company MAJA Beekeeping Development Society chaired by RNDr. Vaclav Svamberk, a leading Czech scientist and beekeeping expert and chairman of the editorial board of the journal Beekeeping published by Czech Beekeepers Union.

Contact: Radka Ingrova CEO MAJA

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