Beekeeping Photos of the Week – week 28

Beekeeping Photos of the WeekBeekeeping photos of the week

Where do the weeks go!? Another week passes and some more great beekeeping photos generated for you from the world of global beekeeping. I particularly like the one featuring an apiary meeting from Patrick (@Quisnuvos on Instagram) with the wooden structure in the foreground.

It is always a pleasure to feature these images and please do e-mail me them too (if you are not a Twitter or Instagram user) as a couple of you have done this week – including another Patrick AKA the Bee Whisperer!, who sent in the goal post and heart shaped swarm ones this week.

Please remember you can send your photos in through Social Media – just post them to Twitter or Instagram and do use the #BeeCraftPhoto hashtag and we can find them really easily.

Have a great weekend and…..

Please find our Beekeeping Photos of the Week



Hanging out on the open bottom board. #bees #BeeCraftPhoto

A photo posted by Ben Butler (@ghbb33) on

Checked on yesterday’s massive bee removal. The two deeps we set up full of their comb were completely packed with Bees. I found two different clusters of Bees outside the box. One of them containing presumably a second queen! I’ve heard stories of massive colonies having more than one queen. I think that might be happening in this colony. What’s odd is that when we put in the queen we found yesterday the bees weren’t reacting the way they normally do. No Fanning or streaming to the hive. When I put in the queen I found today – they all started Fanning and going into the box. Non-beekeepers I’m sorry this story is probably totally confusing there’s just too much to explain in order for it to make sense to you. #crazytown #beesdothedarndestthings

A photo posted by Hilary Kearney (@girlnextdoorhoney) on

Not even halfway done here. #massive #beehive #beeremoval #beekeeping #jeez

A photo posted by Hilary Kearney (@girlnextdoorhoney) on


Looking at them; reflecting.

A photo posted by Sarah Bee Girl (@sarahbeegirl) on


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