How to spot and treat Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus.

Identifying Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus

On this Bee Craft Hangout, about Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, we were joined by Julian Routh of the BBKA and Seasonal Bee Inspector, to talk about the BBKA Bee Health Month. We were also joined by Seb Owen of Vita Europe.

The BBKA is running this yearly initiative to encourage beekeepers to think disease first. At this time of the year it is very easy to focus on matters of swarming and miss vital signs of disease. This is why Bee Craft and the BBKA are raising awareness of the Bee Health month.

The video below covers such topics as:

  • What is the BBKA Bee Health Month
  • The difference between Nosema Apis and Nosema Ceranae
  • Techniques to test for each form of Nosema yourself
  • Discussions of tests involved in testing for Nosema – see our Practical Microscopy book
  • Discussion on the Isle of Wight disease and why it was thought to be Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus
  • What is Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus and how can you spot it

Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis

The video is nearly an hour long but worth watching all the way through. 

The articles referenced in the video can be found here

  • NBU Nosema pictures here
  • NBU pictures of Chronic Bee Paralysis pictures here
  • All NBU booklets and information sheets here
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