Living on One Acre or Less

Morgan Sallly Living on one acreSally Morgan

We tend to think that we need a lot of land if we are going to grow all the fruit and vegetables that our family needs, let alone providing meat, eggs and other food. This book shows you how this can be accomplished with an acre or even less.

The first stage is to plan out your plot to make use of all the available space. This includes growing under cover, using raised beds and even growing vertically. The author starts by demonstrating how to plan the plot on paper, considering access and zoning. She strongly recommends including a polytunnel for successful cultivation in the British climate. If you are thinking of keeping livestock, good fencing is essential.
As editor of Organic Farming, the Soil Association’s magazine, Sally has a particular interest in
soil and stresses that this is the most important asset of any plot. She devotes a chapter to soil care and maintenance. The next chapter covers soil fertility, including the use of compost and green manure, and crop rotation.

To reduce the workload in the vegetable garden, she suggests growing some perennial vegetables. Fruit trees can be grown vertically. This saves space but can still give very good crops.

The second half of the book covers livestock: poultry, pigs, sheep and goats. Fish can be kept alongside plant crops through the use of aquaponics. The final chapter is about beekeeping.

This is not a detailed manual of how to grow plants or keep livestock. Rather it is an overview of how you can decide what you want to do with your small plot of land and then how you can plan things out to make the most of it.

I would recommend it as a different way of looking at self-sufficiency for anyone who would like to pursue this goal.

Claire Waring
Published by Green Books, 2016. 224 pages. £17.99.
ISBN: 978-0-85784-330-2
978-0-85784-331-9 (e-book).
Also available for Kindle (£10).

The author launches her book at the Edible Garden Show

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