The Bee Craft Team

Bee Craft is wholly owned by UK beekeeping associations and run by a team of directors and consultants.

The directors (all unpaid) are elected at the AGM, and they appoint a team of part time consultants to carry out the day-to-day business of putting together an informative, readable monthly magazine, and publishing information for beekeepers in a variety of forms.

Bee Craft Operators

Editor | Claire Waring

About Claire: Claire has been editor of Bee Craft since January 1997. In that time we’ve moved from black and white to full colour, and into digital! Contributions in the form of articles, photos and letters are always welcomed by our Editoral team.

Send your letters to: The Editor, Stoneycroft, Back Lane, Little Addington, Kettering NN14 4AX


Deputy Editor | Richard Rickitt

About Richard: Richard joined Bee Craft in 2016. He keeps about 30 colonies of his own, and a few for other people. He runs beekeeping courses but really enjoys meeting and learning from other beekeepers. He is particularly interested in beekeeping history, books and photography.


Deputy Editor | Stephen Fleming

About Stephen: Stephen joined Bee Craft in 2016 and enjoys interviewing, researching and writing about all manner of bee-related themes. He welcomes suggestions for topics – especially wacky ones.


Administrator | Katie Butcher

About Katie: Katie manages our subscriptions. Whether you are an individual, part of a branch/association or overseas, Katie is the person you need to contact for any subscription queries.

Send your letters to: Bee Craft Ltd, PO BOX 484, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 9NB


Phone: 07429 266 096

Shop Manager | Liz Townsend

About Liz: Liz manages our shop and organises stock for shows. Contact Liz for bulk orders and any queries you may have about your order.


Advertisements Manager | Varsha Patel

About Varsha: Varsha is responsible for all of the adverts you see in the Bee Craft magazine, and also on our website. If you wish to advertise in Bee Craft then please contact Varsha directly.


Webmaster | Dave Hall

About Dave: Dave looks over our web presence and keeps the online shop running. You will also see a lot of his graphics around the website, all designed to help improve your online experience.


Marketing Manager | Wendy Dale

About Wendy: Wendy takes care of all our marketing efforts and also manages our appearance at various shows and conventions throughout the UK. Come and say hello when you next see us at your local show or convention.


Registrar & Archivist | Erica Osborn

About Erica: Erica is responsible for the Bee Craft share register. If your branch needs their share information updated or changed then please contact her directly.  She also manages the Bee Craft archive of magazines, booklets and books - a full archive of Bee Craft magazines can be found at the Musuem of English Rural Life in Reading. 


Accounts Manager & Company Secretary | Val Bradfield

About Val: Val takes care of the financial side of Bee Craft and ensures that the Bee Craft finances are best managed for our aims and responsibilties in the beekeeping world.


The Bee Craft Regional Representatives:

Scotland | Graham Torrie

About Graham: Graham has been our regional representative for Scotland since 2011.  Graham covers a number of events throughout the country during the year but is probably most well known for the Bee Craft stand and his contribution to the Scottish Beekeeping Convention.

South Wales | Rhodri Powell

About Rhodri: Rhodri walks away with lots of trophies for his entries in the Welsh honey shows. You will know him as the host of our Bee Craft Live events - you can check out our Bee Craft Live events for yourself here

North Wales | Carys Edwards

About Carys: Carys is a well respected honey judge who has been part of the Bee Craft team since 2013.  Her native tongue is Welsh, an essential ingredient when promoting Bee Craft in her home region of North Wales.

Should you wish to contact any of Bee Craft's regional representatives then please contact

The Bee Craft Board of Directors:

All Bee Craft Directors were elected at the Bee Craft AGM due to their interest in beekeeping throughout the UK and the rest of the World.

Andrew Gibb

Chief Executive (until May 2019)

Alex Ellis

Incoming Chief Executive (from May 2019)

Bob Maurer

Acting Chairman & Director with responsibility for Shows and Sponsorship

Jenny Shaw

Director with responsibility for Publications & Shop

John Hoskin

Director with responsibility for Regional Representatives & Centenary Celebrations of Magazine Publication

Mike Forster

Director with responsibility for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Carolyne Liston

Director with responsibility for the Subscriber Database

Mike O'Neill

Director with responsibility for Finance

John Hendrie

Director with responsibility for Advertisements and Marketing Plan

Should you wish to contact any of Bee Craft's directors then please contact