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BeeCraft is the UK's best-selling monthly beekeeping magazine. Known as ‘The Independent Voice of British Beekeeping’, BeeCraft is written for beekeepers at all levels of experience. The magazine contains up-to-date articles on beekeeping practice, equipment, features from across the UK and around the world, and clear presentations of the latest bee science and research.

With 48 full-colour A4 pages, the magazine is available in both printed and online editions suitable for viewing on desktops, pads and smartphones.

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Bee Craft books and booklets

The Bee Craft organisation also publishes a wide range of beekeeping books, booklets and guides.

The latest publication is SWARMING Biology and Control by Wally Shaw.  Companion volumes of Bee Space to Bee Hive and Bee Hive to Beekeeper, both written by Master Beekeepers Andrew Gibb (UK) and Ann Harman (USA), explore the development of beekeeping over the centuries.  

Two of the best-selling Bee Craft books are Celia Davis’s Honey Bee Inside Out, about the internal workings of the honey bee, and Honey Bee Around and About, about the honey bee environment.

Other popular books by experts in their field include Healthy Bees are Happy Bees by Pam Gregory, Practical Microscopy by Bob Maurer, The Honeybee Illustrated by Margaret Cowley and Bee Plants of the Month by Bridget Beattie.

All these books are valued by examination candidates.

The organisation of Bee Craft

BeeCraft magazine was launched in 1919 by the Kent Beekeepers’ Association. Seeing its success, Surrey joined in 1921 and others followed. By the beginning of the Second World War, BeeCraft had become a national magazine.

Today, the Bee Craft organisation is owned by 53 beekeeping associations and is run as a not-for-profit organisation. It is managed by a group of highly experienced directors who work in conjunction with a team that produces the magazine and publications and administers subscriptions.

Bee Craft representatives attend many shows and conventions around the UK and is particularly proud of its sponsorship of presentations by young researchers at the annual National Honey Show.

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Bee Craft is run by people who are passionate about beekeeping.

Bee Craft's achievements

Bee Craft has won many international awards, both for the magazine and its other publications.  The magazine has won a prestigious gold medal on two occasions at Apimondia, the biennial international beekeeping conference.

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Company Details

Bee Craft is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales.

Registered Address*: Bee Craft Ltd, 23 King's Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2HB
Company Registration Number: 463112
VAT Registration Number: 210833307

*The postal address of Bee Craft is Bee Craft Magazine, Warners Group Publications, West Street, Bourne, PE10 9PH, UK

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