Some beekeepers take a Sutera monitoring dish with them wherever they go.  It is very simple to set up and the wasps are quick to respond - so would any Asian hornets in the area. 

They take an old plastic bottle with a flip top lid to hold enough Sutera for a trip away, as well as a saucer and a circular piece of plastic with a pattern of drilled holes in to stop insects getting sticky feet in the monitoring dishes. The disc, cut from a plastic chopping board, sits flat in a saucer. 

This means a small amount of Suterra remains effective for a much longer time, as only a tiny amount of the liquid is exposed to the air.  It is an expensive item and it is suggested an association or a county beekeeping organisation would be best to purchase it.  

The AHAT team have given us the contact of Pest Control Direct in Hailsham, Kent as the supplier used last year.